We all wish our homes had a little more character and personality. We do our best to personalise our houses with pictures and possessions.

We put our own stamp on things with our favourite coloured paints and carpets.

Despite this, it’s rare to see a completely unique interior design.

5 quirky ideas for interior designIt seems that only the experts can create something truly personal and outstanding. Today we’re going to prove that you can use quirky interior design ideas.

Each of the tricks and tips in this post are simple and easy changes you can make. In fact, why not set aside this coming weekend and try one in your home! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can add character and personality to a dull space. Read our top tips, and let us know if you’ve got any other great ideas.

    • Painted floors – We can already sense that you’re looking at us strangely. But trust us, this works! Many modern designers are using a cheap and simple concrete flooring in their kitchens. From there, you can paint the floor any colour you like. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, you can paint a personal, artistic design. If you still don’t believe us, check out some of these incredible examples from around the world.
    • Painted ceilings – We spoke to a few interior designers when researching this article. We found that the overwhelming majority highlight ceilings as a missed opportunity! Many homeowners spend years decorating their homes, but forget the ceilings entirely. Maximising that space can add a sense of luxury and bring in a spark of personality. Try a light neutral colour to start with, and then get more imaginative!
    • Forest wallpaper. – If you love the outdoors, have a look at the amazing wallpapers available at www.wallpaperink.co.uk/categories/Forest-Wall-Murals. You’ll instantly feel closer to nature and the wallpaper will transport you to a more peaceful state of mind. They’re great for city dwellers who miss the peace and quiet of rural surroundings. Forest wallpapers aren’t the only ones around either. A quick Google search will pull up plenty of alternative wallpaper designs.

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  • Stripes – When you think about decorating your home, do you ever wonder about using stripes? Many interior designers love incorporating this into their projects, particularly on the walls themselves. Stripes have always been used in soft furnishings and bedding. But, painting the walls in bold stripes creates a striking, modern look. Try black on white for an stunning finish.
  • Flea market – All that’s missing is some furniture full of character. Your typical Ikea flat-packed furniture isn’t exactly going to set you apart. Instead, hit the flea markets and hunt down a choice bargain. It’s an age-old interior design trick. You’ll find all sorts of unique options and ideas here. Find your local market and see for yourself.

And so we reach the end of our quirky interior design ideas. They’re not for everyone, but they sure will give your home a unique personality!

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5 quirky ideas for interior design 2018