Home Extensions – Which Is Right For You?

As a homeowner, one concern you may have is the space available to you. As your family grows, the house seems to shrink.

The children need more space to play and store their toys. You need to more room in the kitchen to cook for them. You find yourself craving your own space that is free from noise and stress! This is the familiar tale for any growing family and one that we may just have the solution to.

Common Home ExtensionsSelling your house and upscaling isn’t always an option for families. Moving to a new neighbourhood comes with its own set of challenges, not to mentions costs. You don’t always want to uproot the children and, besides, you love your home. When this is the case, one solution is to build an extension.

Of course, there are plenty of difficulties and costs involved in this option too. However, it can provide a great solution to your space problems. It can give you a project to get stuck into and it will increase the value of your property. However, first things first; where exactly will you extend? We’ve pulled together the most common extension ideas and some pros and cons for each.

Attic conversion

An attic conversion is one of the most popular choices simply due to practicality. Almost all homes have access to a loft space and it’s a fairly straightforward job. Naturally, you’ll need to consult a specialist to ensure that the existing structure is strong enough. If not, you may need to include more structural beams and other alterations. This is a great option because it creates a space out of nothing. Essentially, you’ll add a bedroom to your home, bumping up its value significantly.

Basement conversion

This is a solid option for a playroom or a gym. Not everyone has access to a basement so it’s not such a popular choice. Those that do have access to a basement often use it exclusively for storage. There are difficulties in extending heating, plumbing and complex electrics into a basement. For that reason, not many choose to extend to a bedroom or study. But a gym or playroom is perfect.


The Four Most Common Home ExtensionsConservatories are perhaps the easiest of the lot. If you’ve got the outside space to accommodate one, this would be our first suggestion. You’ll open up the downstairs living area and bring in lots of natural light. You may not even need a builder for this one. Some companies like Centurion DIY Conservatories offer a self-build conservatory pack.

It’s a cheap, easy way to increase space in your home (for new windows in UPVC, best prices 2018)

Garage conversion

The garage is another great location for a gym or playroom. Their structural build isn’t ideal for much else. You’d have to do some serious structural and insulation work for a bedroom, for example. But, you could very easily create a useable space from your old garage.

Home extensions are a great way to boost the space in your house. They’ll help your home grow with the family and you’ll increase the property value. It’s a win-win situation.

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The Four Most Common Home Extensions