You love your kitchen. It’s where you do your best work. You can be the best chef in the world and still have an ugly kitchen though. While an ugly kitchen doesn’t make ugly food, it’s still not a particularly nice environment to sit down with a meal.

Your kitchen needs to be thought about in the same terms of design as the rest of your house. Don’t ignore it and think you’ll get by without any effort. Your kitchen needs love too.


Kitchen Design IdeasYour kitchen should get a fair amount of light from the windows. That’s good, you need sufficient natural light to help see what you’re doing in there. Unfortunately, a lot of kitchen designs tend to stick to lighter colours. This isn’t a problem exactly, but it will mean strong sunlight will just bounce the light all around the room.

It can just be too overbearing. How do you fix that though? Netting is just too old school. It doesn’t look any good. Curtains are a little too much for the kitchen. Fine wooden blinds however? Just right.

If it gets a little too sunny, just pull the blinds down a little. If you roll it down and leave the slits open some, it’ll cast moody noir shadows across the room. A definite aesthetic changer.


A door is a door, right? No, not really. Doors can be very boring. Boring doors mean a boring house. Now you don’t have to go out of your way to create some wacky, crazy door design ideas. Just go online and find something that isn’t just a plain old door.

You can visit a website to find something that suits your tastes (prices & cost guide)


Counters need to balance fashion and function perfectly. You ideally want something that isn’t going to stain, and can be cleaned with a quick wipe down with a cloth. You’re in luck; there are plenty of surface materials that allow you to do that.

Marble is a classic, for example. You can get the marble in, well, marble green. You can also get it in a lighter beige and a dark grey. It won’t stain, at least not easily. It can also be cleaned with a damp cloth, meaning it fulfills all your requirements for a kitchen surface.


Some people tend just to go with harsh overhead lights and leave it at that. While that gives a good spread over the kitchen, it can be a little overbearing. It’s a good idea to have softer light sources dotted around the kitchen instead.

A light over the cooker will usually come in most modern oven units, so you’re covered there. All you need to think about is properly lighting wherever you’re going to be preparing food.

Kitchen design is unlike any other aspect of interior design in the home. It’s possibly the hardest of all, because of having to fit the functional aspects in along with the fashion.

Challenging though it may be, the end result can be magnificent if done right.

Kitchen Design Ideas