Conservatory style: The top 3

When it comes to extending the family home, a conservatory is a super popular solution. Extra space at a reasonable cost, which also adds resale value to your home. What could be better?

Conservatories being so popular means that there are a lot of options.  The main thing to bear in mind though, is the overall design or styling.

Choosing a style that either complements or contrasts your home can be a bit tricky, but here are the top 3 (we think) designs.

  1.  The lean-to conservatory. As the one design that can be made the simplest & cheapest the popularity of the lean-to conservatory is going to stay around for along time. A simple rectangle with a one sided sloping roof  that can be constructed in next to no time on a very low budget. See more here: Large Lean to Conservatory Designs & Costs
  2. The Victorian Conservatory. This style is one that bases itself on the ornate and fancy designs that were around in the era of Queen Victoria. You will have a rounded shape but with faceted sides – something like the old 50p coin. The roof is a lot more complex than a lean-to roof and together with the more time consuming construction it leads to a higher price.
  3. The Loggia Conservatory. This style is almost halfway between an orangery & a conservatory. the loggia takes design features from both and combines them into an elegant appearance.

conservatory styleOf course, a lot of folks want the extra living space, but don’t always have the budget for their ideal conservatory. A great way to give yourself the best chance to get the lowest prices is to compare quotes from a number of different companies. This however, can be time consuming if you do the searching for yourself.

Help is at hand, however, in the form of this website: The website is a trove of information about all types of conservatories & orangeries, plus they cna slso arrange for free quotes from accredited installer for you.



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